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'77 weekend special

'77 weekend special

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  • The '77 weekend special is AJ Made's original design, cast in solid brass. This simple, timeless piece is approximately 3/4" long and is suspended on a 24" length of leather rawhide.  

  • As a dyslexic learner, Anthony Joseph Bellabona struggled in traditional school settings. Then, at the age of twelve, he uncovered a hidden talent when a teacher introduced him to working with mixed metals. Through exploring this new medium, AJ gained confidence and success.


    Working first with pewter, AJ quickly transitioned to making pieces using fine silver, gold, and precious gems. At the age of thirteen, he designed and created his first wedding band. A few years later he officially formed his fine jewelry company, AJ Made. Drawing inspiration from his travels and experiences, he continues to develop his company, making quality pieces using sustainable practices and ethically sourced gemstones.


    AJ's trademarked brand logo features a reversed "j" to raise awareness about the talents of dyslexic learners. Acknowledging how fortunate he was to have support in his early education years, AJ also recognizes the importance of giving back. In addition to his fine jewelry line, he designs a line of hats, and donates 100% of the profits from this line to NoticeAbility, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students who identify as dyslexic learners tap into their unique strengths and build self-esteem. He has also made and donated countless pieces for many other charities, including the American Cancer Society, JDRF, Camp Southern Ground and the REED charitable foundation, to name a few.

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