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porcelain amanita

porcelain amanita

PriceFrom $20.00
  • Sweet porcelain amanita ornaments by Laura Cromwell Ceramics conjure up images of enchanted forests and woodland gnomes.  


    available in two sizes, 1" and 1.25"


    handmade in Maine ❤

  • Inspired by the forests of the Northeast, ceramicist Laura Cromwell's designs are a reflection of her connection to these natural areas and her concern over their disappearance.


    Her process begins with collecting woodland specimens such as acorns, chrysalides, and pinecones.  She then creates a mold by casting them in plaster.  Using these plaster molds, she casts them again in clay.  Delicate items such as wild mushrooms, butterflies or feathers are sculpted out of clay or used as inspiration for her delicately hand painted designs.  Each piece is then finished with a wash, underglaze, or glaze.  

    By making porcelain art objects out of these natural treasures, she signifies that they are precious and worthy of contemplation and respect.

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